Divine Coconut



Divine Coconut is brought to Egypt by Divine International. Divine Coconut IS the FIRST Certified Organic Virgin Coconut Oil to launch in EGYPT. It all started in 2012 as a mere wish to find alternative natural immune boosting ingredients that would help prevent illness and increase ones immune system. Divine Coconut did not disappoint! The question was: “Would Egyptian people catch on to using a different kind of oil in their meals?” Would they care enough to try something different? The time is now and people are seeing and feeling for themselves …the benefits are real. Coconut Oil has been researched and found to be one of the healthiest oils in the world!

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil was nonexistent in Egypt for health maintenance and cooking, it was not available. Short of begging friends who were coming from the USA to bring some or stock up during our trips, we could not find a good quality coconut oil in Egypt! The founder of Divine Coconut, decided that EGYPT needed to CHANGE its eating options and learn about a healthy approach to cooking. Since entering the market in 2014 the word is out…Divine Coconut is innovative and proven to be an important catalyst in helping the growing trends of nutrition seekers implement a healthy lifestyle.

Health Coaches are touting its health and weight loss benefits! Moms are loving Divine Coconut for their baby’s skin and diaper prevention as well as its natural immune boosting. Many have discovered its ability to hydrate their skin and give them a healthy youthful glow. Hair experts recommend it as a pre-shampoo hair mask or as a leave it conditioner. It helps sooth dandruff and heal a flakey scalp. Go ahead, Feel the Heal…find your Glow!

Divine Coconut is made from organically grown coconuts cultivated in family owned Plantations. It comes from tropical regions using the most advanced technology. It is Direct Micro Expeller Pressed - DME technology allows the oil to be COLD Pressed within hours of picking the fruit. It has no solvents, preservatives or chemicals. Divine Coconut is 100% natural, 100% Organic. It is Pure, premium top grade quality. It has a high level of Lauric Acid – the same ingredient found in mother’s breast milk. It is packed in Pharmaceutical Grade containers that are safe. Divine Coconut is proud to be a brand created in Egypt! “Thank you for bringing Divine Coconut to Egypt, It is simply amazing!!”