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10 Reasons That will Make You Use Coconut Oil Right Away!


Coconut oil is a useful remedy for face and skin. It can be used for moisturizing and preventing skin malfunctions. It holds 10 reasons that will push you to immediately use it.


1-Treat Cracked lips

Coconut oil helps treat cracked lips as its antifungal action will relief painful oral thrush infections. It also works as an excellent lip balm when mixed with other herbal extracts.


2-A Natural Product

Virgin coconut oil is one of the most natural products found today. It is considered 85% saturated oil and doesn’t require any preservatives.


3-Against aging

The oxidation stress caused by ultraviolet rays often result in premature aging, therefore coconut oil can prevent premature aging in several ways. It can act as a physical barrier to dust and environmental pollutants; it reduces oxidative damage, and keeps skin smooth.


4-Reduce Face Wrinkles

Coconut oil can preserve smoothness of the face and keep it free of wrinkles. The oil is known for penetrating deep into the skin to repair the collagen layer which is a structural protein in the inner layers of skin, is what keeps the skin elastic and smooth. 


5-Operates as an Antibacterial Shield

Coconut oil protects the skin from potential pathogens and reduces bacterial infection due to the presence of lauric acid. It prevents acne as well by deep cleansing.


6-Coconut Oil treats fungal infections

Coconut oil is known for caring for skin infections when applied on infected areas or used for the general skin care


7-Acts as a Sunblock

Coconut oil offers SPF 4 for sun protection. It protects from solar radiation during brief periods of the sun and has a soothing effect on burnt skin by reducing pain and inflammation.


8-Deep Cleanser

Coconut oil helps deep cleanse your face therefore will be perfect for a makeup remover and cleans the skin from air pollution, grease and dust. The toxins of the oil dig deep into skin pores and clog them.


9-Makeup Remover

You can use coconut oil to remove your makeup and let your skin breathe especially around the eyes which is a sensitive skin area.


10-Skin Moisturizer

You can use coconut oil as a moisturizer but it can be solid if kept at a room temperature below 75F, but it typically remains a liquid in the tropical regions where coconut trees grow. Solidified coconut oil has a texture similar to plain petroleum jelly, but it does not feel sticky or greasy on your skin because our body temperature is normally above 97F.